MPA 2075 batch third semester online class

Public Administration Campus is organizing the online class for third semester. Please visit the online classroom at and login with your institutional email address. To get your login details please contact college administration or the contact persons listed below. The video conferencing will be conducted through google meet. Only the students with institutional email address are allowed in the classroom.

The link will not be posted on Facebook. It will be available in your google calendar ( Please find the class routine below

Routine for MPA 2075 Third Semester

Starting date: 2077/05/02
Time: 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM

DaySubject CodeSubject
SundayMPA 515Global Governance (Mukesh Kumar Bastola)
MondayMPA 512Administrative Law (Keshab Raj Pande)
TuesdayMPA 511Public Policy – II (Dr. Laxmi Kant Paudel)
WednesdayMPA 513Public Enterprises Management (Sanjay Ghimire)
ThursdayMPA 514Contemporary Management (Radha Devi Ghimire)

All students must strictly follow the TU online class guidelines during the class. Any unwanted activities will not be tolerated and students exhibiting such behaviors will be expelled out of the online meeting session.

Login details

To find your login details (id and password) please contact following people

  • Bikash Budha – 9868007902 <>
  • Pritam Thapa – 9860699783 <>
  • Bhupendra Shahi – 9843294568 <>
  • Dipendra Poudel – 9840059113 <>

Other contact details

  • If you have technical queries, comments, complaints, suggestions, send email to Prabin Dhakal <>
  • If you have queries, comments, complaints, suggestions about class routine, time management, teacher complaints etc. send email to Mukesh Kumar Bastola <>, Tek Raj Poudel <>
  • If you have any other comments please mail Hari Bhakta Shahi <>
  • For course related queries, suggestions and comments, contact respective teachers
    • Mukesh Kumar Bastola <>
    • Keshav Raj Pande <>
    • Dr. Laxmi Kant Paudel <>
    • Sanjay Ghimire <>
    • Radha Devi Ghimire <>

If you have any problem connecting to online class, please see following section before making a call. If you choose to contact, email is preferred to phone calls. When you contact, please provide details about your name, batch, and pinpoint the problem. Screenshot of error is very essential for us to be able to solve problem.