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Troubleshooting online class problems

While connecting the online class, you might face several problems. Here, we have described some potential problem and their solutions.

It is recommended that you read this document before searching for support. If you have any problem connecting to online class, please read this page before making a call or writing an email. If you choose to contact, email is preferred to phone calls. When you contact, please provide details about your name, batch, and pinpoint the problem. It will be very hard for us to answer vague questions. Screenshot of error is very essential for us to be able to solve your problem.

  • Cannot find login id. Or login id is incorrect.
    • Call or write mail to any one of the following member of support team: Bikash, Pritam, Bhupendra, or Dipendra
    • Bikash Budha – 9868007902 <>
    • Pritam Thapa – 9860699783 <>
    • Bhupendra Shahi – 9843294568 <>
    • Dipendra Poudel – 9840059113 <>
  • I have other academic/legal/administrative etc. queries
    • For other academic/legal/administrative queries contact campus chief, or coordinators or the head of respective departments.
  • What type of account is account or account
    • and are google suite accounts for education. That means it comes with more functionality, services with well known google security and availability
    • You have Terabytes of space in In contrast, gmail is limited to 15 GB, after which you have to pay per month.
    • However, it is expected from your part to not misuse this service by storing huge (several terabytes) amount of data and consuming high bandwidth (several gigabytes), in which case your account might be suspended.
    • You don’t have to pay for account. Our institution has managed that for you.
  • How long can I use account?
    • This account can be used as long as you want.
    • We do not have policy to delete your account on normal circumstances
  • What is the process to login in computer?
    • Open browser, preferably Chrome
    • Go to link, or
    • Login with your password and email
      • You have to enter your full email with e.g.
      • Username:
      • Password: Abcd1234eF
    • Check whether cdpa account is activated (Circular icon at the top right corner)
    • Use following links for different tasks
      • to see notices, messages and other emails
      • to access class materials and all other classroom related work
      • to see the class schedule
      • You will get meet link at google calendar, and classroom site
  • I cannot see classes that I am enrolled in
    • Most probably you are logged in through your gmail account. You need to login with account
    • Click the circular icon with your photo or initials at top right corner of your screen.
    • If your cdpa account is not listed, click add new account. Then login with your cdpa account
Google account switch add new google account google apps google classroom online class click circular icon with your pohto or your initials on top right corner of the screen to switch google account
Google login with account. institutional account. Switch google account, Add anotheGoogle login with account. institutional account. Switch google account, Add another google account for Public Administration Campusr google account
  • Account does not exist error message when logging in with my CDPA account
    • When you login with CDPA account, use full email address
    • E.g. if your id is, use full email address not just m75bishnu
  • I logged in through browser but cannot see classes that I am enrolled
    • Your active google account might be the gmail account. You need to switch to or account
    • See above for the visual description
    • Go to to see list of the classes
    • Go to for seeing your email. All communications are made to this email
    • Go to for seeing your class schedule
    • Go to to participate in live meeting. The links with meeting code can be accessed through calendar, classroom, or gmail
  • I didn’t get any email
    • All emails are sent automatically by google class to your institutional email address i.e. your email address or email address.
    • Emails are not sent to gmail addresses
  • I tried to join the class with the meet link sent by my friend but I am not accepted in
    • You must access meet class with your own institutional account.
    • With institutional account, you are eligible to be admitted in your enrolled classes. No need to be accepted by anyone.
    • Students without account is not accepted.
    • To get your institutional email address, please contact college admin.
  • I can access Gmail but not access classroom, calendar, meet etc.
    • Click the google application icon at top right corner near your account icon (3×3 dots)
    • Select any application you want here
Open more google apps from Central Department of Public Administration, Public Administration campus, by clicking 3x3 9 dots on top right corner of screen near your account icon
  • I cannot access classroom with my mobile
    • You need to download Google classroom, and Google meet apps in your mobile in order to access services easily
    • You can also use web version from the mobile if you don’t want to download any software
    • Some Chinese mobiles seem to have problems accessing Google services. Make sure you are not using one of those Chinese mobiles. Please search internet for list of such devices.
  • While logging in, it asks to download google policy app
    • Google policy app does not pose risk to your personal data. It makes your device even safer.
    • It is safe to download and install. And is recommended to download this app if you plan to use cdpa account with your mobile
    • It is mandatory to install this app if you want to use account with your applications (like classroom, meet, drive etc.) in mobile devices.
  • Which Internet browser should I use
    • The best option is to use Google Chrome browser.
    • You can also access classroom and meeting through latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera etc.
  • I do not have a computer or I don’t have keyboard to type in assignments
    • With Google, you can use voice typing or if you write clear enough on paper, you can use Google OCR feature to automatically convert your voice or photo to text.
    • These services are available in English, Nepali and many other languages spoken over the world.
  • I typed in Preeti/Kantipur font but when posted on web that garbled out
    • You must type in Unicode to avoid this problem. Unicode fonts are universal, same font can be used to type in many different scripts. You don’t need specific font for specific language. So what you type is preserved that means no garbling. E.g. Arial Unicode MS.
    • All modern computers comes equipped with Unicode support. Just chose language and keyboard options to switch between inputs.
    • You must use Unicode Nepali in order to prevent the characters from garbling out.
    • If you have already typed in Preeti, just use online converter to translate. Search for Preeti to Unicode converter and use whatever tool you like, Then copy the Unicode text to appropriate place
    • Change input language by following process
Public Administration Campus Central Departmnet of Public Administration Change input language keyboard english Nepali Unicode. Add languages, language bar
  • I didn’t get Run option on originality report
    • You must submit your homework with google docs in order for Google to run the originality report
    • You can only run originality report for fixed number of times; you might have used up all those